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International Travel Photographer Ian Robert Knight has been all over the world, photographing places, peoples and cultures. Have a look around, and explore the world with Ian.

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Life is about experiences, not possessions.
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Vietnam Adventures

Although Vietnam is one country again, the differences in north and south Vietnam are still very visible. The topography, the climate, the people, the culture and the food are quite different in each region. In my photography adventure, we explore both ends of this diverse country. Learn more…

Bhutan Adventures

Bhutan is one of the least-visited countries in Southeast Asia, largely because of government control and policies in place. That makes our visit here all the more special. Nestled at the foot of the Himalayas, this mostly-buddhist country seems untouched by western influences, and represents a photographic opportunity unlike any place else. Learn more…

Thailand Adventures

Thailand has been on everyone’s bucket list forever, and it’s understandable. With it’s exotic festivals, pristine beaches and deep blue waters, unmatched food and legendary nightlife, it’s hard to resist the pull to visit. Our adventure covers festivals, beaches, temples, and scenery to last a lifetime. Learn more…

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Harbin Ice Festival

The Harbin Ice Festival Ian Robert Knight, Travel Photographer, Canada On the day that I am writing this, much of Canada and the USA is in the middle of a deep freeze. Every year, it seems to get colder and more winter storms take place - all over the world. But in...
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The Yi Peng Festival

The Yi Peng Festival - Thailand's Mass Lantern Release Ian Robert Knight, Travel Photographer, Canada There are some things in life that are impossible to adequately explain in words. You need to physically be there to properly understand the scene that appears in...
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2016 Photo Review

I take a lot of photos. Some years, it's more than others. It largely depends on how much I travel, and where. In 2016, I found myself in no less than 9 different countries. So that provided ample opportunities to create a lot of images. During 2016, most of the...
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Baan Batt Bowls

Despite advancements and modernization, not all industries in Thailand have been replaced with factories and mechanization. The Baan Batt Bowl industry is one of those that have continued to function exactly the same it has for centuries. Bowl Village In an otherwise...
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The Kayan People

The Kayan people are an indigenous tribe that populate a part of southeast Asia, primarily in Thailand and Myanmar. Sometimes, you'll hear them referred to as Padaung, but it's not preferred by the tribe themselves.  The Kayan tribes that live in the Chiang Mai region...
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Thailand’s Pet Elephants

Thailand has had a long history with elephants, lasting many centuries. The large animal is so beloved in Thailand, that it's the de facto symbol of the country, and even the brand of a popular beer. The Thai royal army includes an elephant in it's emblem, and a white...
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Ian is a professional photographer, specializing in travel editorial and street photography. Find out more about Ian's background and experiences in the bio page here:

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