International Travel Photographer Ian Robert Knight has been all over the world, photographing places, peoples and cultures. Have a look around, and explore the world with Ian.

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Life is about experiences, not possessions.
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Vietnam Adventures

Although Vietnam is one country again, the differences in north and south Vietnam are still very visible. The topography, the climate, the people, the culture and the food are quite different in each region. In my photography adventure, we explore both ends of this diverse country. Learn more…

Bhutan Adventures

Bhutan is one of the least-visited countries in Southeast Asia, largely because of government control and policies in place. That makes our visit here all the more special. Nestled at the foot of the Himalayas, this mostly-buddhist country seems untouched by western influences, and represents a photographic opportunity unlike any place else. Learn more…

Thailand Adventures

Thailand has been on everyone’s bucket list forever, and it’s understandable. With it’s exotic festivals, pristine beaches and deep blue waters, unmatched food and legendary nightlife, it’s hard to resist the pull to visit. Our adventure covers festivals, beaches, temples, and scenery to last a lifetime. Learn more…

View the entire list of tours for 2017 and 2018 here.

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The Terracotta Army of Xi’an

In China’s old capital city of Xi’an, there is a huge archeological excavation site showcasing the Terracotta Army – and it’s well worth your time to visit.

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Muslims in China

Not many people would realize it, but there are over 22 million Muslims in China. Read about the Hui Muslims in Xi’an, famed for their night food market.

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How To Build The Perfect Photo Essay

Not every photo is worth a thousand words. But maybe a group of photos is. As photographers, it’s important to know how to build the perfect photo essay.

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Paper Lanterns of Vietnam

A visit to Hoi An, in central Vietnam is made more memorable by the colorful paper lanterns that are floating down the river, carrying people’s wishes.

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Color or Black and White?

Sometimes it’s difficult to decide whether to edit an image in color or black and white. The answer isn’t always apparent, but it’s always necessary.

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Insects as Snacks

All over Southeast Asia, you’ll find plenty of vendors selling insects as snacks. Over 2 billion people in the world eat them. Why not you?

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