I take a lot of photos. Some years, it’s more than others. It largely depends on how much I travel, and where. In 2016, I found myself in no less than 9 different countries. So that provided ample opportunities to create a lot of images. During 2016, most of the places I visited were familiar to me, having visited them many times over. The only exception was Cuba.

Now that 2016 is behind us, I like to spend time to review the images I’ve produced, and choose my best work. Throughout the year, I continuously sort through my photos and weed out the ones that don’t move me. This practice helps make my year end selection a bit easier. But it still takes time to select what I consider to be my best. When I started the process this year, my first cull resulted in about 120 images, then reduced again and again, until I settled on the 20 photos you see here.

If you regularly follow my work, most of these images would have shown up at some point during 2016. But even still, I’d love to hear what you think about them. Feel free to place some comments below. And Happy New Year!

Pro tip:

If you click on an image, it opens larger for better viewing.


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